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Explore all the Offers on ColourDrive Home Painting Services regarding Diwali Festival

Explore all the Offers on ColourDrive Home Painting Services regarding Diwali Festival

Explore all the Offers on ColourDrive Home Painting Services regarding Diwali Festival


India’s most celebrated festival, Diwali, is coming in a few days. There is an agitation in the heart of every person. Before we discuss something regarding another, the main concern is making home more beautiful this Diwali, we would like to discuss a bit about Home Painting, Free Hand Art, Wall Stencil, Texture Painting, Deep Cleaning, Interior Painting, Design wall painting, Kids Decor, Metal Painting, Exterior Painting, Color Consultancy, Wood Polish, Home Color Selection if you are going to paint your home yourself. Otherwise, ColourDrive has many Big Offer regarding this Dussehra, Deepawali/Diwali Festival to enjoy your Interior or Exterior Painting for Home and Office.

ColourDrive Home Painting Services

We at ColourDrive are dedicated to providing the best professional painting services. This is the reason we have chosen our staff incredibly cautiously. Every individual from the group has been selected for their ability, experience, and tender loving care. We have a few groups of full-time skilled workers who have practical experience in utilizing the most recent procedures and creative items. Our specific services give surface painting designs in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, Pune and over India, stencils, wall planner painting and tweaked wall paint designs.

We are painting temporary workers for both private and business clients. We reliably convey the most excellent services at exceptionally focused costs, working with trustworthiness, respectability, and consistently with a grin.

Painting Services offers on This Diwali

According to the Lunar Indian calendar, Diwali is admired on the 15th day of month Kartika every year. In this Year 2019, Diwali has on 27th October, after than Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj. ColourDrive Painting Services available to 31 October 2019. Everyone can quickly get discount Via Promo Code: CDDIWALI. ColourDrive Interior Painting and Exterior Painting Diwali Painting Offers have accordingly.

  1. Get free Pooja Room normal Painting work on “Quote Value ” above Rs. 30000/-

  2. Get a free Stencil worth Rs. 4000/- on “Quote Value ” above Rs. 30000/-

  3. Flat 5% Discount on normal Painting on “Quote Value ” above Rs. 20000/-

  4. Flat 10% Discount on normal Painting on “Quote Value ” above Rs. 50000/-

Diwali Preparations

People start preparations for Diwali even before Vijayadashmi. They improve their homes and workplaces with lights and lamps. People start doing renovations of their homes, paint their homes and even some remake their homes. People purchase new things like utensils, clothes and even vehicles.


Diwali brings happiness to everybody's life. People start cleaning their homes. Shopkeepers and businessmen clean and remodel their shops and workplaces. During these days there is an incredible hassle in everybody's life. In this way, everybody wants some assistance so that their work becomes easy and can do preparations for Diwali with a free personality.

Make Home Beautiful with ColorDrive Home Painting Color Consultancy

If you want to choose Painting Colour in This Diwali Session for new or old interior and exterior, you’ll soon realize there are unlimited colour choices, because ColourDrive Skilled Painters made everything a little easier.

Crisp White

Shading that cools a room and suits extremely well in seaside districts is Crisp White. This shading associates the sentiment of an open-air ocean breeze to within your home. Crisp white is the ideal match with blue-shaded grays. It's always critical to remember when picking the correct paint shading that cool paint hues should be adorned fittingly with the goal that your inside doesn't seem sterile. Consequently, Crisp White is best utilized in regions of the home that are sufficiently bright with natural light. When enhancing Crisp White dividers, decide on beautiful plans or include flies of shading like yellow, green or pink to carry difference and life to space.

Viking Grey

Viking Gray has subtle hints of blue, which is inspired by the coastal regions of India like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Noida, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and relavent. All the more significantly, it very well may be flawlessly matched with Crisp White! When structuring a modern-themed home, Viking Gray is a perfect decision. The blue tones are the ideal method to accomplish the moderate, yet profound environment of this topic. Stylistic themes and goods that emphasize this look are wooden or stick seats, polished lighting apparatuses, brilliant yellow tosses, and copper frill.


Is it accurate to say that you are after an interior that feels warming and natural? Sentience is a mild shading that looks extraordinary on any surface, regardless of whether it be the interior or outside. Make a loosening up condition in your home with light tones of darker and green. Sentience works well with the material, finished tosses, and cowhide hassocks. Add life by carrying nature to your home with vines and pruned plants that flourish inside. Like Centurion, Sentience works well with dull pastels of pink, dusty orange, green and purple.

Dark Burgundy

Dark purple with a pinkish hue, this shading represents the best of the two. Dark Burgundy works best as an element divider when matched with Centurion and Sentience. This shading is for the individuals who are active and not hesitant to create an impression - take a stab at making hitting blends with dark green or salmon embellishments. To make more state of mind (on the off chance that you dare) consolidate Dark Burgundy with comfortable wooden seats, bed heads or tables. The way to designing with this inside shading is to guarantee there is abundant characteristic light enlightening the room and keep the space feeling open.

After than many Colour’s Pair as open in this Diwali Painting, such as-

  • Golden Sand

  • Wabi-Sabi

  • All Black - Domino

  • Dark Burgundy

  • Crimson

  • Lilac

  • Black

  • Amethyst

  • Light Gray

  • Gentleman's Grey

  • Grass Green

  • Charcoal Heather

  • Brown

  • Centurion

  • Ebony

  • Clay

  • Blue

  • Sky Blue

  • Whisper White

  • Jade Green

  • White

  • Bold Yellow

  • Ocean

  • Pink

  • Gray

  • Peach and more.

If have Need help finding the Suitable painting Colour, ColourDrive Professional Painters are ready to Assist you, and we will be much happy to glad you, if you have quires related to Wall Stencil, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Wood Polish, Home Color Selection, Deep Cleaning, best Home Painting Designs and much more to best look your office or Home... Just give a missed call on +91-9014182316 or drop a mail on

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