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Marmorino Travetine Effect Wall Texture Painting Design

Royale Play Marmorino Orange Marmorino Travetine Effect wall texture painting design for Creative Office Space
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Name: Marmorino Travetine Effect

Best for: Creative Office Space

Product: Royale Play Marmorino

Category: IDC Marmorino KS

Price Rate:280/SqFt

More About Marmorino Travetine Effect Design

Marmorino Travetine Effect Wall Paint Design

International Designer Collection Marmorino Travetine Effect is a Rough Texture effect. 

Coverage:- Marmorino ks product cover 10-12sqft for 2coats.

Application Procedure for Marmorino Travetine Effect:-

1. Apply PebbleTex Primer diluted with 30% water on the Existing putty & primer surface.

2. Apply Royale Play Marmorino 1st coat using a trowel on Primered surface.

3. Once the 1st coat has been dried, apply 2nd coat & create the Pattern using the Travetine trowel.

4. After 10min, when 2nd coat is in a semi-dry condition, buff the surface gently to smooth it.

5. Once the Royale play Marmorino 2nd coat has been dried apply 2coats of diluted (200%) Royale Play Protective coat, by using a sponge roller. 

IDC Marmorino Category

Marmorino ks is a lime-based plaster/stucco which is suitable for interior and exterior painting for wall decoration. It is made from crushed marble and lime putty mixture which can be tinted to make a wide range of natural stone colors. This type of paint is widely used in Italy. but now it is popular worldwide.

Marmorino paint can be finished with multiple painting tools for a variety of textures such as matte, satin, and glossy effects. Marmorino ks painting effect on walls gives the perfect undercoat plaster finish due to which it is possible to achieve the traditional and ancient historical Marmorino Veneziano stylish wall finish look. Marmorino Travertine Effect is a rough texture effect. Its pitted effect is suitable for interior wall surfaces.

Marmorino ks product covers 10-12sqft for 2 coats.

Price Rate: Rs.320/sq

Book Marmorino Travetine Effect Paint Design For Your Walls

Chargeable Area : 100 SqFt
Price ₹ : 28000 /-

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