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Ragging Wall Texture Painting Design

Asian Paints Royale Play Red Ragging wall texture painting design for Study Room,Dining Hall
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Name: Ragging

Best for: Study Room, Dining Hall

Product: Asian Paints Royale Play

Category: Royale Play Metallic

Price Rate:70/SqFt

More About Ragging Design

Ragging Wall Paint Design

It involves creating a textured finish on the wall with a rag or sponge and paint. Start by painting the wall with a base coat of the desired color. Once the base coat is dry, apply a thin coat of glaze. Then, dampen a rag or sponge and dip it in paint. Dab the rag or sponge onto the wall in random patterns. Allow the paint to dry, and then repeat the process until the desired texture is achieved. Once the texture is complete, seal the wall with a clear coat of sealer.

The ragging texture reflects the presence of a wall draped in a soft fabric, creating an admirable atmosphere to combine the charm of India's traditional elegance with modern furnishings.

Base Coat: Crimson Depth X123

Top Coat: Copper M004

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Chargeable Area : 100 SqFt
Price ₹ : 7000 /-

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