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Basket Wall Texture Painting Design

Asian Paints Royale Play Red Basket wall texture painting design for Bedroom,Reception Space
*Please call us to check the more colour/shades availability.

Name: Basket

Best for: Bedroom, Reception Space

Product: Asian Paints Royale Play

Category: Interior Textures

Price Rate:90/SqFt

More About Basket Design

Base Coat: Brazen Gold

Top Coat: Crimson Depth


This wall texture paint design is inspired by Eastern and North- Eastern Indian artisan handicraft work. Handicrafts of jute, cane and bamboo have been a part of Indian traditional heritage, jute woven hand bags, rugs and bamboo cane woven chairs, baskets etc are widely used in all parts of India. To depict this texture on the walls by paint painters use roller brush.

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Chargeable Area : 100 SqFt
Price ₹ : 9000 /-

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