Indigo Paints Metallic Emulsion Price, Coverage, Availability, Finish, Durability, Wash-ability & Featured Info

Indigo Paints - Metallic Emulsion

Indigo Metallic Emulsion for Interior Painting : ColourDrive

About Metallic Emulsion

High Sheen, Sparkling metallic texture

General Features- Metallic Emulsion



Price of 0.1 Litre

≅₹ 119/-

Price of 0.2 Litre

≅₹ 200/-

Price of 0.5 Litre

≅₹ 437/-

Price of 1 Litre

≅₹ 748/-

Price of 4 Litre

≅₹ 2620/-

Price of 10 Litre

≅₹ 5760/-


- Indigo


- Interior Painting


- Emulsion

Coverage (SqFt/ Litre)

- NA

Available in Litre:

- 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 4, 10


- 119, 200, 437, 748, 2620, 5760


- Semi Gloss Finish

Durability in Year

- NA


- High Washable


- NA

Applied on surfaces

- NA

Stain Guard

- NA

Note*:- We do not sell the paint and the prices are indicative only. For more detail please visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of 0.1 Litre of Indigo Paints Metallic Emulsion?

Price also depends on lots of factors like transportation, market demands & supply and others but normally the price of 0.1 Litre of Indigo Paints Metallic Emulsion can be approx Rs 119/- in entire India.

Is Indigo Paints Metallic Emulsion is washable?

Indigo Paints Metallic Emulsion is high washable product.