Nerolac Paints Excel Everlast Price, Coverage, Availability, Finish, Durability, Wash-ability & Featured Info

Nerolac Paints - Excel Everlast

Nerolac Excel Everlast for Exterior Painting : ColourDrive

About Excel Everlast

A self cleaning exterior paint with pliolite having superior protection of masonry surfaces from aggressive environmental conditions.


General Features- Excel Everlast



Price of 1 Litre

≅₹ 212/-

Price of 4 Litre

≅₹ 810/-

Price of 10 Litre

≅₹ 1923/-

Price of 20 Litre

≅₹ 3659/-


- Nerolac


- Exterior Painting


- Emulsion

Coverage (SqFt/ Litre)

- NA

Available in Litre:

- 1, 4, 10, 20


- 212, 810, 1923, 3659


- Matt Finish

Durability in Year

- NA


- Semi Washable


- NA

Applied on surfaces

- NA

Stain Guard

- NA

Note*:- We do not sell the paint and the prices are indicative only. For more detail please visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of 1 Litre of Nerolac Paints Excel Everlast?

Price also depends on lots of factors like transportation, market demands & supply and others but normally the price of 1 Litre of Nerolac Paints Excel Everlast can be approx Rs 212/- in entire India.

Is Nerolac Paints Excel Everlast is washable?

Nerolac Paints Excel Everlast is semi washable product.