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Asian Paints - Woodtech Melamine

Asian Woodtech Melamine for Wood Polish : ColourDrive

About Woodtech Melamine

WoodTech Melamine Leaves a Glossy Effect on Furniture, which enhances the life span of furniture. 


WoodTech Melamine Paint Advantage


Two coatings of Woodtec Melamine Paint adds shine to wood surfaces, keeping furniture looking new for years

This paint product is heat and scratch resistant.

The melamine substance in paint forms a glossy protective film of paint on wooden surfaces, making this paint the preferred choice for painting everyday-use wooden furniture.


 Products Features


Range of 9 Translucent Asian Paints WoodTech Wood Stains and 6 WoodTech  Aquadur Water Based Wood Stains available to add/change color.

Product available in matt and gloss finish. Available packs are : WoodTech Melamine Gloss Paint -  500ml, 1 liter , 4 lister, 20 liters pack, WoodTech Melamine Matt - 500ml, 1 liter, 4 liters, 20 liters pack and WoodTech Melamine Sealer - 500ml,1 liter , 4 liters, 20 liters.



Application Process


sand the wooden surface by using sand paper no - 180 and then for cleaning the loose dust particles on the wooden surface use sand paper no- 320 or 400.

Then apply aquadur dent filler with a putty knife over the dented area and allow it to dry.

Thereafter apply  a coat of WoodTech Melamine paint to color the wooden surface and leave for drying 30 minutes - 120 minutes.

Complete the painting process by applying a second coat of WoodTech Melamine paint and leave for drying 30 minutes - 120 minutes.


General Features- Woodtech Melamine



Price of 1 Litre

≅₹ 280/-

Price of 4 Litre

≅₹ 1070/-

Price of 20 Litre

≅₹ 4900/-


- Asian


- Wood Polish


- Wood Finish

Coverage (SqFt/ Litre)

- NA

Available in Litre:

- 1, 4, 20


- 280, 1070, 4900


- Matt Gloss

Durability in Year

- NA


- NA


- NA

Applied on surfaces

- NA

Stain Guard

- NA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of 1 Litre of Asian Paints Woodtech Melamine?

Price also depends on lots of factors like transportation, market demands & supply and others but normally the price of 1 Litre of Asian Paints Woodtech Melamine can be approx Rs 280/- in entire India.