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Asian Paints - Royale Lustre

Asian Royale Lustre for Interior Painting : ColourDrive

About Royale Lustre

Royale luster is water based paint. It is highly washable and durable luxury paint among all asian paint products. Royale lustre offers a unique pattern called Dana patern which gives an immense look on walls. Teflon surface protector protect walls from all kind of stains and provides easy cleanability. It is having anti fungal shield that protect walls from fungus. This paint product provides a grainy texture effect to the walls surface. 

Products Advantage

  • Royale Luster Paint having Teflon surface protector property creates a tough paint film on the walls  that insures the durability of paint than any other paint brand product 
  • The grain pattern provides a satin shimmer effect on painted surfaces. Having Teflon surface protector properties makes it easy to clean any type of stain on the painted surface.
  • Royale luster paint product is designed to prevent anti fungal and anti bacterial growth on the walls.
  • Being a water-based paint, it has low odor and does not irritate the eyes, due to which it is known as  environmentally friendly paint.

Products Features

  • The product is available in 1 liter, 4 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters of packs. Its shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture. 
  • Paint coverage area on primed masonry surface followed by honey comb roller or felt roller: 1 coat of paint - 7-8 sq. m/liter, 2 coats of paint - 4 - 4.6 sq.m/liter.
  • Paint coverage area on primed masonry surface followed by rolling with sponge roller: 1 coat 13- 15 sq.m/liter and 2 coats of paint 8-10 sq.m/liter.
  • Available in more than 1114 colour shades.

General Features- Royale Lustre



Price of 1 Litre

≅₹ 418/-

Price of 4 Litre

≅₹ 1633/-

Price of 10 Litre

≅₹ 4021/-

Price of 20 Litre

≅₹ 7910/-


- Asian


- Interior Painting


- Emulsion

Coverage (SqFt/ Litre)

- 50-60

Available in Litre:

- 1, 4, 10, 20


- 418, 1633, 4021, 7910


- High Sheen

Durability in Year

- 6


- Excellent Washable


- Yes

Applied on surfaces

- Smooth Interior

Stain Guard

- Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of 1 Litre of Asian Paints Royale Lustre?

Price also depends on lots of factors like transportation, market demands & supply and others but normally the price of 1 Litre of Asian Paints Royale Lustre can be approx Rs 418/- in entire India.

What is per litre approx paintable area coverage capacity of Asian Paints Royale Lustre?

Asian Paints Royale Lustre approx per litre coverage is 50-60 /SqFt.

Is Asian Paints Royale Lustre is washable?

Asian Paints Royale Lustre is excellent washable product.

What is the durability of Asian Paints Royale Lustre ?

Exact Durability depends on various factors like weather conditions and others but for Asian Paints Royale Lustre we can consider approx 6 years.