Mastering Spray Painting Techniques for DIY Enthusiasts

Mastering Spray Painting Techniques for DIY Enthusiasts

Spray painting is one of the usually accepted methods that one can find to paint their home in the best possible way. Spray painting is just one of the methods among other painting methods that include- painting the wall using a brush or a roller etc. spray painting has an advantage over other methods and it is that it allows to cover a larger surface with ease and also by investing less of a time as compared to painting the walls with the help of a brush or a roller.

Spray paintingis apaintingtechnique where a device sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto a surface. The most common types employ compressed gas—usuallyair—to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray guns evolved fromairbrushes, and the two are usually distinguished by their size and the size of the spray pattern they produce

One can decide to get the spray painting done as per their convenience which means that one can get it done through some professional painters or one can do it oneself as well. But getting it done by a professional company or a team has an advantage that they have the prior knowledge about everything and they not only help you to get the walls of your house painted using the spray painting technique but also they may help you make various decisions that you may not be able to take if you decide to take alone and also they will do the work in such a professional manner that it will be suitable for you as well. Also, let me remind all the readers that getting home painted is a long term investment and nobody gets it done every now and then and it is done at long intervals and therefore using low-quality products or not appointing a professional team for work in order to save money is a not a wise action to take.

So once you have decided to get your home painted using the spray painting technique you must know how to get it done in the easiest manner-

Step 1: so the most basic and foremost step that a person has to follow to start up with the task is to get the wall surface ready and to make the walls in such a way that we can start off with the work. So basically, getting the walls ready means that, they should be smooth enough to be painted else various problems may arise at a later stage that may lead to future problems like the unevenness of the wall etc. so one has to check before the painting that the wall is even or not. For this process, we need to putty the wall.

Step 2: The second step involves applying primer to the walls. The colour of the primer has to be such that it does not affect the interior paint. That means if you have to get the paint of light colour then grey coloured primer won’t serve the purpose and in the same way if you have to keep the walls in a dark shade then dark coloured primer will only work. Applying light coloured or white primer, in that case, will not serve the purpose then. So primer has to be applied keeping in mind the colours that you have chosen for your walls so that colours will pop up on the wall with grace.

Step 3: the third step will include the sanding of the wall with the help of sandpaper. This will allow the smoothness of the wall and this smoothness will ensure the smooth painting job is done easily.

Once you are done with sanding the wall all you need to do is to wipe off all the dust from the wall with the help of the drop cloth to ensure that no dust particles remain on the wall as it may result in interference with the paint and thus leading to various bubbles in the wall. Therefore after the sanding process, it is really important to wipe off the wall surface with the help of a dry drop cloth.

Step 4: once you are done with fixing the irregularities of the wall and done with priming the wall and then sanding it and dusting it with a cloth so now it is time for you to start up with the spray painting process. It is much better to spray several light coats of colour sanding with 00-00
steel wool in between coats, then it is to paint one or two heavy coats. Resist the temptation to continue adding paint. Add a light coat, sand, add another light coat, sand, etc. Repeat that a minimum of three times (as many as four or five times) and what you end up with is deep, rich colour with a smooth professional finish and look.

It is likely to add better quality paint. Semi-gloss paint will be very suitable as it will provide you with the best quality paint thus leading to the best of results for your home.

Spray painting is useful as it allows to cover a larger area in a short span of time. The spray painting allows the technique of spraying the paint through the machine and doing coats over other coats in very less or no time. It employs the use of compressed gas—usuallyair—to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray guns evolved fromairbrushes, and the two are usually distinguished by their size and the size of the spray pattern they produce.

Spray painting is less tedious than brush painting and it generally gives a smoother, uniform paint surface.

Paint spray devices are available in different sizes and varieties for use by homeowners, contractors, or professional painters. The two most common types of sprayers are airless and air models. Air paint sprayers use air compression to eject the paint out. Airless paint sprayers, on the other hand, use pressure to push the paint out. Air paint sprayers are more expensive, and they provide a more even coating of paint as compared with the airless models.

There are disadvantages to spray painting, however- spray painting is not pocket friendly, in fact, it can be downright wasteful. That's because only a fraction of the paint is actually deposited on the work surface, the rest is distributed as airborne particles called overspray. Depending upon the spray setup, it is possible for as much as 75 percent of the paint to be lost in overspray.

Once you are done with the job you need to leave the room in such a way that air can easily pass on and the room remains well ventilated. Because if you do not keep the room well ventilated you can have various problems like the fumes of the paint may not go and the paint may take usually long time to dry. Therefore a well-ventilated room is a must for a newly painted room.

Spray painting is possible with the help of a spray painting machine that is not available with the layman and it is pretty expensive and so one may not find it easy to purchase it. Therefore it is recommended to hire a professional company for such jobs. Well if you want to purchase a spray painting machine you can have a look at various machines that are available with the merchants.

Spray painting can also be used for doing wood polishes like PU and Melamine polishes are generally done using the spray painting technique. Now let’s see what wood painting is and what its different forms are and also which kind of wood finish can be done using the spray painting method.

So now we start with the introduction of wood polishing. What is wood polishing?

It usually consists of several coats of wax, shellac, drying oil, lacquer, varnish, or paint, and each coat is typically followed by sanding. Finally, the surface may be polished or buffed using steel wool, pumice, rotten stone or other materials, depending on the shine desired.

Various kinds of wood polishes can be done depending upon the needs of an individual. So basically following are the most important kinds of wood polishes:

A]Spirit polish or French polish:it is quick to dry kind of a polish whose film is adequately hard. It is the most commonly used polishing technique in India.It has a bright and glossy finish which enhances the looks of the wooden furniture and gives it a rich look. This polish can be stained with suitable pigments to attain the desired colour. This polish cannot withstand erosion due to direct contact with water.

b]Melamine Polish:Melamine polish is a polish that dries slower in respect to French polish and as a reason, its hardening is very slow and additional hardeners are added before spraying the coat of this polish... Melamine polish is water-resistant. It has a better scratch resistance when compared to French Polish. One of the best features of this kind of polish is that there are choices available in terms of mat, semi-gloss and gloss finishes. Therefore you can decide very easily that which kind of polish you would like for your wooden furniture. Here you have an idea of choosing and deciding on your own about the looks of your furniture. It is transparent but a faint brown tint is developed.

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c]Polyurethane coat or PU coat:The polish-coat of this forms a very strong, protective and glossy film on the wooden surface. Unlike melamine, the drying time for this coat is very short and is around 15 to 30 minutes. This coat is water-resistant to a large degree. This polish is more expensive than even melamine polish. The process of applying this polish is similar to that of melamine, except for the drying time.

PU and Melamine based polishes are applied by a spray gun using spray painting technique by means of which evenness of the polish can be maintained and smooth texture of it will give amazing looks and rich looks. While polishes like French polish are applied by brush or by using a ragging cloth. In terms of costs, French polish tends to be the cheapest and PU-based coatings tend to be the most expensive. Also, PU polishes are available for both interior and exterior usage.

Now let us have a look at the procedure of this wood polishing.

The first decision that you have to make is whether to choose a paint spray gun or a spray can. So basically spray cans are recommended over spray guns as it helps us reduce prep- and guesswork. But it has to depend upon the surface area that has to be covered. If the surface area that is needed to be covered is quite large then you have to see that usage of spray cans is not recommended. As in that case, spray guns prove to be helpful.

Also, you have to keep in mind things that you need to purchase. Aerosol cans are ready to use straight off the shelf, but spray guns require you to mix your lacquer with thinner before filling the gun. How much to add depends on your project, climate, and current weather conditions, so purchase both your lacquer and thinner from a local brick-and-mortar store.

Create a safe, clean work area.Lacquer and other materials used are highly flammable, so do not use near open flames or heat sources.

[5]Inform family or other housemates to keep themselves and any pets away from the area while you are spraying since the mist created by spraying lacquer is dangerous to breathe.

The next and most important step is to prepare the wood or to see which wood is compatible with such kind of wood polishing. For the best finishes stick with cherry, maple, mahogany, and walnut. Wood with pores and oily woods are recommended.

The next important step that has to be done in order to bring out the best of the results is to perform sanding. Without sanding the wood the wood will not become soft or smooth hence resulting in imperfect wood polishing. Sand each piece of wood to be sprayed to get rid of any imperfections. Begin with P120-grit paper and then go over each piece again with P150-grit. Then use a damp cloth to moisten the surface, which helps highlight any remaining irregularities. Finish with P180-grit to smooth the surface down.

Now you are ready to start off with your work. You need to pick up the spray can or the gun that you have decided on and start with the painting or polishing process. You need to keep in mind things before you start the process. With spray guns, the distance that you should maintain between the gun’s tip and the wood may vary. However, expect it to be between 8 and 12 inches (20 and 30 cm). Maintain this distance from start to finish to ensure that the lacquer disperses consistently over the entire surface area.

Finally, when you are satisfied with your work you can keep the furniture in some park or garden or some open area where it can dry off very quickly and make sure that you use preventions and precautions like gloves, mask etc. that are needed for safety purposes.

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