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Before you picking roller and brushes and starting painting yours house.You need to understand the different types of paint. While picking the best paint color for your homes keep in mind what suits best to your Taste and Personality.
So,While you choosing the best paint color for your house.First thing comes in everyone’s mind is that which color should we prefer for our home that is Plastic Emulsion Paint or Royale Paint? and What is the main difference between them?



In simple words,Plastic emulsion paint is water based wall paint. It is based on acrylic and provides a smooth matte finish to the walls. These paints have gained popularity because of their ease of application, quick drying properties, non-objectionable odor, and good washability. The plastic emulsion paints are humidity- resistant as well.You can use them in humid rooms like kitchenettes or bathrooms without any trouble.Emulsion paint shares most of the plastic emulsion paint properties except for washability.

  1. Vinyl matt emulsion gives a matt, non-shiny finish that expertly covers small imperfections on the wall or ceiling.
  2. Vinyl satin emulsion gives a subtle soft-sheen finish and is a more durable surface than vinyl matt.
  3. Vinyl silk emulsion gives a high sheen finish and is the most durable of all the emulsion paints.
  • WASHABILITY-Plastic Emulsion Paints offers ultimate protection to walls and keeps it looking freshly painted for years,keeping your home looking flawless, spotless as well as stunning all the time.
  • DURABILITY-Plastic Emulsion Paints contains cross-linking polymers that makes the wall tough and impermeable.The color of the paint is reserved for a longer period of time.
  • USES- It is use for Interiors Wall Paint as well as it is also use for Exteriors Wall Paint.
  1. Plastic Emulsion Paint price start from Rs.150Litre(Plastic Emulsion Wall Paint) to Rs. 4000litre(Imperial Paints Interior Silk/ Plastic Wall Paints).
  2. Interior Emulsion Paint starts from Rs.80/litre to 4000 / Litre.
  3. Exterior Emulsion Paint start from Rs.100 to 450 / Litre (Tractor Waterproof Exterior Emulsion Paint).


Royale Emulsions are perfect if you’re looking for something exceptional.The range of luxury finishes gives your walls a exclusive redesign while being high on performance. It provides a luxurious finish and a silky glowing appearance to your walls.

  1. Royale Aspira gives the smoothest finish in a high sheen for your walls.
  2. Royale Atmos reduces indoor air pollutants such as such as Formaldehyde, VOC and malodour from the air making it cleaner than before.
  3. Royale Luxury Sheen Emulsion, an exquisite emulsion paint that provides a luxurious finish. It is designed to prevent fungal growth on walls.
  4. Royale Shyne provides luxurious high sheen finish.
  5. Royale Matt when applied on walls, it provides a smooth matt finish with an elegant appeal.
  6. Royale Lustre offers a rich shimmer to your walls that enhances the interiors of your home.
  7. Royale Luxury Enamel gives you a High Gloss finish which is higher than any other water based enamel present in the market.
  • WASHABILITY- Royale Paint offers enhanced stain resistance to your walls and makes them easy to clean.It provides anti-fungal protection ensuring your walls last longer.
  • DURABILITY- Royale Emulsions are the only paints in India to be equipped with Teflon Surface Protector, giving them High Durability and Washability.
  • USES-It is use for Interiors Wall Paint as well as it is also use for Exteriors Wall Paint
  1. Royale Luxury Sheen Emulsion at Rs.96per/litre.
  2. Royale Lustre at Rs.418per/litre.
  3. Royale Matt at Rs.471/litre.
  4. Royale Shyne at Rs.471per/litre.
  5. Royale Luxury Enamel at Rs.472/litre.
  6. Royale Atmos at Rs.515/litre.
  7. Royale Aspira Paint at Rs.650/litre.

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