How to Estimate Painting Cost for your dream Home

Getting your house painted is not an easy task initially, specially when it comes to get your dream home painted you have to get an idea about lot of things. The very first thing comes in mind is how much it will cost you. Of course it is very basic but important part as everything depends on it. First of all you must be known about the area of your house  as professionals work on sqft basis, for example if carpet area is 1000 sqft then paintable area will be around 3000 sqft approximately including walls and ceiling. Now move forward by selecting a paint product which you wanna get done. Paint product rates are different for different quality products as well as for different brands like Asian paints, Berger paints, Nerolac paints, Dulux paints, JSW paints, Indigo paints etc.

There are two ways to get the job done, one is to go for labor basis work in that you have to purchase all the required materials which includes paint, putty, paint brushes, roller, thinner, primer, sand paper, ladder etc. and have to pay for labor charges only but for this you must have knowledge of paint brand and product quality. While the another way is to hire a team of professionals who are very well trained. for that you have to pay on square feet basis and rest of the thing they will take care of. In my opinion second way is much more easy and comfortable. As their team will help you in choosing right paint product, paint product brand and then to choose colors for individual areas. Isn’t it really helpful? yes it is.


Interior Painting:

Choosing right colors for right place is very important part in painting process. Lets have some idea about color combinations, at first you have to decide in which color family you want to go. For example you like blue color the most then choose a color from blue family for your room, get one wall painted darker and rest of the three walls lighter. Either you can get wall stencil , texture or wall paper designs for one wall in the room, in this case on one wall design will come and rest of the three walls will be painted same. You can go with different colors for bedroom, hall and kitchen.

 Approximate Painting Cost for 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK flat:


Let’s assume Carpet area of 1 bhk flat is around 500 sqft then paintable area will be around 1500 sqft. Now if we will go for basic paint product in Asian Paints which is Tractor Emulsion,  sqft rates for tractor emulsion is 9-11 rs/sqft so overall it will cost around 15K to 17K for repainting, while 26k to 28k for fresh painting as sqft rates for fresh painting is 19-21 rs/sqft which includes labor plus material charges along with putty in fresh painting.

If you go with Royale Luxury Emulsion(washable paint) then sqft rates is 17-20 rs/sqft so it will cost around 21K to 23K for repainting and around 30K for fresh painting.


For 2bhk flat carpet area is 800 sqft then paintable area will be around 2300 sqft. Now for Tractor Emulsion the cost will be around 22K to 24K for repainting while 40K to 42K for fresh painting.

For Royale Luxury Emulsion (washable paint) cost will be around 32k to 34k for repainting while 44k to 46k for fresh painting.


For 3bhk flat carpet area is 1200 sqft then paintable area will be around 3500 sqft. Now for Tractor Emulsion the cost will be around 34K to 36K for repainting while 62K to 64K for fresh painting.

For Royale Luxury Emulsion (washable paint) cost will be around 50k to 52k for repainting while 68k to 70k for Fresh Painting.

Interior painting cost calculator visit:


Exterior Painting:

When it comes to paint your house from outside then for sure you want to ensure that after painting your house gives a royal look which reflects your personality. To achieve this goal start by choosing highly durable paint product which lasts for long ,then look for such color combinations which can enhance overall look of house.

If it is a new house then for fresh painting one coat of exterior primer and two coat of weather proof paint will be needed. For exterior you must use good quality paint so that your house can be protected from sunlight, rain, fungus, dampness etc. Asian paints Apex Ultima is one of the good product to fulfill your requirements.

When it comes to choose colors then i will suggest you to go with initial shades of dark colors as if you choose darkest one then it will fed very soon because of sun light and other weather conditions. Do not select bright colors for outer house as it would not give royal look.

The most important part is cost calculation, Lets get to know about some paint products and their rates (rates may vary from company to company). Starting range of products from Asian paint is Ace Emulsion which is the basic paint for exterior, cost around 11 to 14 Rs/sqft. Next is Apex Ultima cost around 18 to 21 Rs/sqft. Then Ultima Protek comes which cost around 28 to 31 Rs/sqft.

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