All About Wallpapers – What are Wallpapers and How to get it Done | Complete Guide to Home Wall paper


Decorating your home in such a way so that it looks beautiful and elegant at the same time. It’s not  difficult task anymore. One of the best and easy way to decorate your home is to get Wallpapers done at specific walls of your choice. Wallpapers can be used for living room, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in your house where you need some design to give a special look. Let’s talk about Wallpaper and its procedure in detail.


What is Wallpaper:

  Wallpaper is  basically a decorative paper which is used to accessorize your house’s interior or more preciously a piece of paper which can enhance overall look of your house.  It is very quick and easy way to change overall look of house in one shot. Wallpaper can be done in any area of your choice. Mostly people prefer it for living room or bedroom. Wallpapers are available in the form of rolls and in one roll around 50 to 55 sqft area can be covered.

Where Wallpaper can be used:

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  Wallpaper can be used for both residential and commercial purpose as it can be done in offices, restaurants or any other public gathering place. For example in offices you can get done some knowledgeable wallpaper which gives some information about your work ethics or any other wallpaper of your choice which enrich elegance of your cabin. Although in homes you can get done some wallpapers representing natural sceneries so that when you come back to home after work you can get some peace of mind.

In the same way wallpaper can be used for kids room. In kids room some cartoon printed wallpapers or jungle theme wallpapers can be done which can really gives your child a playful and natural environment. At the same time customized wallpaper can also be done at any interior place.


Installation procedure of Wallpaper:


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  Wallpaper has to be fixed on the walls with the help of highly adhesive glue. Once mounting is done carefully trim the edges and smooth the surface of wall. It seems to be very easy but actually it is not. It has to be done very preciously for good result. If wallpaper is not fixed properly and if air bubble comes in between then the wallpaper can get off from the wall.  Hence it is advised to get it done by professionals like ColourDrive home solutions.

However removing off the wallpaper is not an easy task at all as you need specified tools so that advised to hire professionals. One another thing which any one must know before getting wallpaper done is that moisture and humidity are the biggest enemies of wallpaper as they can produce fungus which reduces wallpaper’s life. Oil primer is applied on the walls before installing the wallpaper.

Why to choose Wallpaper:

Most important thing about wallpaper is there cost. Wallpapers are not too much costly as compare to other form of decoration like texture and stencil designs. Wallpapers are very easy to take care of as it can be easily washable. When you are having kids around then allover home becomes like painting canvas for them. In this case wallpapers are the most reliable option to go with as it is super easy to clean. Wallpapers are very hygienic and environment friendly hence does not contain any toxic material. Wallpaper takes very less time to get installed while other design comparatively takes much more time.

Wallpaper categories:

Lots of categories are available in wallpapers and we can choose any kind of customized design as well, some categories are:

  • Floral Wallpapers
  • Geometric Wallpapers
  • World map designs
  • Travel Wallpapers
  • Business theme Wallpapers
  • Natural Wallpapers
  • City theme Wallpapers
  • 3D Wallpapers
  • Customized Wallpapers
  • Graphics Wallpapers
  • Sports Wallpapers
  • Traditional Wallpapers
  • Damask Wallpapers

Wallpapers Material:

Wallpapers are one of the most famous wall decorating items and are available in different type of materials. Some type of materials ae as follows:

Printed wallpapers: Printed or patterned wallpapers are those who have drawings of traditional designs over them like Mandala etc.

Vinyl Wallpapers: These are the most used wallpaper material in the market. these wallpapers are made up of paper or fiber and have a thin coating of vinyl over them which gives glossy look.

Non-woven wallpapers: These type of wallpapers are combination of natural and synthetic fibers. This is another most used type of material in wallpapers. These are also washable wallpapers and also allow walls to breathe. But they are some what costly as compare to other types.

Fiberglass wallpapers: Fiberglass wallpapers are made up of non toxic materials such as dolomite, soda and lime so it is most suitable option for cracked walls. These are light weight and fiber resistant.

Textured Wallpapers: Textured wallpapers gives touch and feels look which gives luxuries feeling and add and elegant element in overall look of house’s interior.

Metallic Wallpapers: Metallic wallpapers comes with very shiny look which add an extra element of elegance in your home’s decoration.


The most durable material of wallpapers is vinyl or pvc wallpapers because it has a thin coating of vinyl on top that’s why it becomes easily washable and can be mounted in kitchen and bathroom as well. After that non-woven wallpaper comes as these are also washable and eco friendly so becomes another good option for bathroom and kitchen.

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