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What is ColourDrive?

So when you hear the word colour drive what does comes to your mind? Something that would do great experiments with colours? Or something that would make you feel lively?

Well. It’s a combination of both the things, Colour drive is a Painting Servicing Company that offers you various services related to the home painting and would paint your home in such a manner or you can say will experiment with colours in such a manner that you will feel lively once again.

It is said that surroundings matter the most. Yes, it is true. You will feel this when you have hired some services with the Colour drive team and then you will feel the change in your surroundings which will have an utmost positive effect over you.

Vision and Mission

This great idea of forming this company was something that came in a great mind and then the company named Colour drive was founded. The vision and mission of the company was to be the uber of all painting services and to be the platform for the painters. This means that this company not only believes in providing services but also it had the aim to be the top service provider in its region. The team members worked hard day and night to make it successful and now it is on the developing stage, where customers are really satisfied with the quality and the kind of work they are getting. A company is not made successful by just the money power but it is the team work and the great ideas that take a company to the top. This was the very motto of the Colour drive that whatever service it will provide, it will not sacrifice in its quality.


So basically, Colour drive is a Professional Painting Service Start-up, which provides services such as Interior Paintings, Exterior Painting, Texture, Stencils, Designer Walls, Water Proofing, etc. to the Commercial and Residential places. The team members are highly qualified people from various streams and the painters are the certified painters who have a deep knowledge regarding the painting ideas and the paints. If you have any query related to paint you can any time ask our team regarding that and we will be happy to serve you.

Places where services are provided:

Colour drive provides its services to various parts of India, such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Bhopal. These are the basic places where the services are provided. And the team looks forward to work PAN India soon.


Products used during the paint job

The Colour drive team makes the use of best of the products to make sure that no cheap product is used during the paint job of the house. The top class paints are selected from the top paint based companies like Asian Paints, Nerolac Paints, Berger Paints, Dulux Paints, Sherwin Williams Paints, and Shalimar Paints etc. the products from these brands make sure that your home has the best painting material and then always remember, never sacrifice on a lower budget paint because this is a long term investment and the colour of your home will definitely have an effect over your personality so we recommend you to select wisely.

The services which are provided by the company

The Company deals in several services and they are mentioned below:

  • Interior Paintings: interior paintings are the most important part of the paint job and one must take care that it is done with utmost care as it actually reflects that what kind of a person you are. The team provides this service of the interior painting for each and every single room of your house, be it the bedroom, the pooja ghar, hall, dining hall, bathroom or the store room. The team will suggest you the best colour and the kind of paint according to the style of your home.
  • Exterior Painting: Ever heard of the phrase- “first impression is the last impression”? This is what Colour drive believes in. no giving up on the first look of the house. The exterior matters, be it of your house, office, building etc… The team has the best record for the exterior painting services. The products used for the exterior painting are the top class products and these top class products are used in a way to protect the exteriors from changing weather conditions such as rain, sun and snow. The team has used Protek to Ace Emulsions.
  • Texture: the Colour drive team believes that a home has to look best, and therefore it focuses on texture painting that will make a master wall so beautiful that the walls will speak on its own. The team believes that the best textures that have a good response are Ragging, Fizz, Spatula and Delta. All the categories of the texture paints are used by the team and so you can select your favourite texture category and can get you walls textured in that particular texture.
  • Stencils: stencils are another way of making a specific wall look beautiful. Stencils are placed over the walls with the help of a tape and then colours is applied with the help of a roller or brush to imprint the design over the wall. The paint used is no special paint, a normal paint in contrast to the colour of your walls can be used. There are a various ready to use designs and innovative pre-defined ready to use stencils that can make worth it while and can make your walls look great.
  • Designer Walls: looks of a wall matter a lot. Designer painting is one of a kind that will surely help you get the best of the look for your home. It includes painting from special paints like the royale plain finishes etc. that makes the interior of the home look really nice. Designer painting adds up a glamour to the beauty to the home. You can consult our team about the paints used that will make your home really amazing.
  • Metal and wood paintings: metal and wood paintings is yet another service provided by the Colour drive team. The colour drive team has a vision that apart from the walls there are many other things that matter in the contribution to the look of the home. It basically includes the furniture that is made up of metal and wood. The colour drive team deals in the painting of the wooden and the metal items. It also provides enamel painting and the polishing services such as hand polish, duco, enamel paint, melamyne polish.
  • Water Proofing: Interior areas of our house must be kept dry from roof to basement. Duringmonsoon we all come across problems such as water draining out from the ceiling or water getting clogged in the terrace which results in seepage. Such problems will require an expert and some basic knowledge about the problem and solutions to it. Colour drive acts as such an expert and the colour drive team provides with the best waterproofing services and helps you keep your home completely dry during the rainy seasons.


ColourDrive Service Reviews – How Good is ColourDrive Services

When it comes to take a service from any one company we compare it to many other companies and also we seek to read the reviews from other clients who already have taken the services from the same company. So basically the reviews help us a lot to see that what is the way and the pedagogy of the work provided by the team and how does it functions and most importantly, the quality of work it provides. Reviews help people all over the world determine which services and products are best. These personalized assessments hold a powerful effect on the behaviour of the public, therefore influencing sales. Having a lot of positive reviews can help boost your online authority and lead to more conversions and sales.


Here in the below images you can just have a look at the snapshots that how satisfied the customers are from the services provided by the colour drive team to them and then you can just choose the perfect team for the paint job related services accordingly.

The colour drive team values your precious time and knows the fact that you are investing a lot in the paint job so it personally feels that nothing should go in vain, be it your time or the sources that you have put in.


Again in this review you can see that colour drive team personally knows that the quality of the work matters and the work was completed in the stipulated time without any hassle.

The review clearly specifies that the services provided by the colour drive are pocket friendly and creative as well (as clearly mentioned by the chota bheem statement). Also the time is again kept in consideration so that you are not distracted from your daily work because of the paint job going in your house. There is no compromise made on the quality of the paint used or the quality of the services rendered by the colour drive team and also the care and the techniques used by the painters are such that you will be pleased by the work offered by the colour drive team.


Again, this review mentions that they were provided with the service they were looking for and that too on the price that was reasonable and also, the quality of work (i.e. the painting and the cleaning work) was does perfectly. Good and extra services were given at the same cost. And the ease of reaching the team over a call was also a benefit that benefited our customer.

So believe in the quality of the service, we value precious time of the customer and also we believe in ease of the customer to reach us so that he can get his queries answered as soon as possible. And the trust of the clients in us makes us feel really good and it creates a friendly environment. And these reviews really appreciate a lot and help us being motivated to provide the best of the services to our clients and trying our level best that they just enjoy a hassle free paint job of their house and they don’t have to worry for anything.


ColourDrive Recent Projects – Know About Their Sample Work

One has an ease of selection over a company when he has seen a few of its work done and then they can decide by having a look over its previous work. Here are some pictures of the recent projects as done by the colour drive team.


This is the interior texture work done by the Colour drive team in Hyderabad. The red texture paint makes the wall a master wall and one can make it more attractive by putting a piece of art over the wall, maybe a modern or a traditional painting and a spot lamp above it or one can also put a family picture or a set of pictures over the wall to make it look more attractive. The clients were satisfied with the work provided to them and this look of the master wall at the entrance of their home attracted all the guests.



This is the stencil work done in the kid’s room to make it look attractive and give it a positive look. This is done by the colour drive team in Bangalore. This kind of a stencil work in kids room make it worth it’s while because the surroundings of the kids matter a lot as it has a direct role over there personality and a positive personality development is a must for the growing kids. Leave the work upon the Colour drive team and get the best of the results.



Design painting done in one of the wall of a house situated in Bangalore looks as a piece of art. Design painting is very much in trend as it something different that other paintings and is also reasonable as compared to other things. The stunning look given on the wall beside the basin looks really mesmerizing and attractive. The spot light on top of it gives more fascinating look and it looks like something different in the interior of the house. The clients were very satisfied with the work done in the interior of their house. If you want something different than your neighbour’s house then you can also count on colour drive team.


The exterior painting is one of the most challenging task for a team because it includes a lot of problems related to the height, the weather conditions and many more such things. But the colour drive team experts in the exterior painting facility and the above given picture indicates an exterior paint job done in Hyderabad by the colour drive team. The neatness and the cleanliness in the work defines the quality of the services offered by the colour drive team. One must hire the team or the painters after looking at the previous paint jobs done by them because it is the matter of a long term investment. And always remember, that exterior of the house matters a lot and the first impression is the last impression.

The colour drive team experts in all the services that it provides and it takes care of the time limitation given to the clients because the team values time and the quality of the work that has to be offered to the clients. The previous done works are displayed and we believe in the transparency of the work done. The recent projects done by the team will give you an idea about the neatness and the quality of the work offered by the team and the decision of the colours and the contrasting colours is totally upon your discretion and if you have any confusion regarding anything then the team is there to support you with all heart.


ColourDrive  Recommendations

The colour drive team has 4.8 star rating on Google which is the best rating given to the paint job service provider based in Bengaluru, India.

The colour drive team is the best known for the quality of services it provides and also the consideration of time it keeps gives it utmost priority among the customers.

Here we share some other links of the video reviews as given by some of the clients of the Colour Drive team who have whole and sole trust upon the team and they will also tell you that what made them choose colour drive against all the companies that provide paint job related services.

  1. https://www.facebook.com/colourdrive/videos/2064681840482794/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/colourdrive/videos/2051002598517385/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/colourdrive/videos/2035273540090291/


These customers not only appreciate the quality of the work given by the team but also let others know that the colour drive team has transparency in what so ever work it does and it also states the quotation and the price of the paint job before hand with no hidden charges. They also talk about the trust worthiness and the professionalism of the team in terms of the work done.

Want to Aail ColourDrive Services ?

ColourDrive team is very proactive in replying and answering queries about their service, you can directly reach them via their 24×7 contact number:   090141 82316  you can contact them via  mail : support@colourdrive.in

alternatively you can fill below form  and Get Their Response Instantly



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