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Acrylic paint versus Oil paint:

Sep 04, 2017

What is an acrylic paint?

It is a water soluble and fast drying paint that becomes water resistant when dry. Also the impact it leaves once it is dry is that of the one that is left by a water colour Read More.

Tips for painting your home in most economical and efficient manner:

Sep 01, 2017

Tips for painting your home in most economical and efficient manner:

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How do the colours you use for the house affect the person?

Sep 01, 2017

This is a very important point to note that yes people judge you for the colours that you have used to paint your room and also the paint colour that you use for your room affects your personality and the way you react to things.

Colours play a very significant role Read More.

Decor Without Furniture

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Painting hacks that will make your place look bigger.

Aug 30, 2017

There are a various colours that make your home look big than actually it is. Those colours are the ones that when you select them wisely can change the whole look of your home. One must identify the colours that will make your place look Read More.

Paint Products

We have 1000+ paint products from different paint brands in all categories like Interior, Exterior, Texture, Stencil etc.

Asian Paint

Matte: Tractor Emulsion
Soft Sheen: Premium Emulsion
Satin Sheen: Royale Luxury Emulsion
Silky Sheen: Royale Shyne Emulsion

Berger Paint

Matte:Bison Super Emulsion
Soft Sheen: Easy Clean
Satin Sheen: Royale Luxury Emulsion
Soft Sheen: Breathe Easy

Dulux Paint

Rich Matte:Dulux Super Smooth
Soft Sheen: Dulux 3 in1 Stay Clean
Satin Sheen: Dulux Guardian
Silky Sheen: Dulux Velvet Touch

Nerolac Paint

Matte:Beauty Smooth
Soft Sheen: Beauty Gold/Lotus Touch
Satin Sheen: Impressions Eco Clean
Silky Sheen: Impressions 24 Carat

British Paint

Slight sheen:Sheer Class
Slight sheen:Satin Max
Smooth and matt: MasterBlaster
Metallic finish: Sheer Class Metallic

Shalimar Paint

Smooth Matte Finish:No. 1 Silk Emulsion
Slight sheen:Master Acrylic Emulsion
Rich Sheen: Superlac Acrylic Emulsion
Silky finish:Premium Acrylic Emulsion

Our Expertise

Our team is having more than 10 years of experience in painting services

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Water Proofing


Our Standard Procedure

1coat of interior primer ⟶ 2coat of putty ⟶ Scrubbing of walls using send paper ⟶ 1coat of interior primer ⟶ 2 Coat of paints
Touch up putty ⟶ Scrubbing of walls using send paper ⟶ 1 Coat of interior primer ⟶ 2 Coat of paints
Scrubbing of surface using send paper ⟶ 2 Coats paints
Scrubbing of walls using wired brush ⟶ Washing by water ⟶ Crack Filling ⟶ 1coat Exterior Primer ⟶ 2coat of paint

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