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What are epoxy paints?


It is just like other paints. The epoxy paints can be used for indoor or outdoor jobs but then it is most relevant for indoor floor covering jobs. There is a reason behind it that when dry, epoxy paint becomes a hard, durable surface, making it the perfect choice for an indoor floor covering. But then as we all know there is no such products that have only the positive side. Every product has a drawback also. In case of epoxy paints, the biggest drawback is that the paint contains slightly toxic fumes and is difficult for the average person to paint with. Also, if mistakes are made, or the paint surface does not dry flat and smooth, it can be extremely difficult and expensive to correct.

The place where this epoxy paint is mostly used is basically the repair shops or the garages. There is a reason for that. Epoxy paint is extremely strong and impact resistant, meaning it won't fracture, crack, or split if items are dropped or driven over the surface. The thick layer and the unbreakable layer that is created by this paints helps in usage of this paint in these usages. Due to this strength, epoxy paint is commonly used in warehouses, garages, and auto repair shops. There is yet another reason for choosing this paint in such areas. It is that it is slip resistance. The material it is made up of is such that it does not let anything or any person slip too easily even if they are oily or wet. Utilizing a water-based, two-part acrylic epoxy system, epoxy paint is able to provide a safe, slip-resistant surface. Yet, another reason for this paint being used in garages or repair shops where rough and tough services are provided is that it is fire resistant and also water resistant. By being a paint water resistant we mean that when dry, epoxy paint provides a seal that protects the concrete from underlying ground water and from any water or liquid that gets spilled on the ground. Epoxy paint is also resistant to chemical spills. The chemicals will not soak into the paint, making for easy clean up.

Now let us have a look on the epoxy coatings.

So basically, what are Epoxy Coatings?

An epoxy coating basically consists of following two parts, which include a poly epoxide resin and a curative. Just before being applied to the floor they are mixed with each other and the resulting reaction causes them to chemically bond to one another and to the floor itself. This is the reason why epoxy coverings are so durable and long lasting. This makes for a coating that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Epoxy is extremely durable and won’t peel or chip away from the flooring surface, that is, as long as it was cleaned and prepared properly beforehand. In the case of epoxy coatings, the surface preparation is the most important and the crucial part. Once, both the parts of the epoxy coatings is mixed, you are left with just a small time to apply is over the floor. It is the resin that gives epoxy its colour, and without the colour the epoxy coating would have been a clear coating. The phrase “industrial floor coatings” may not conjure up beautiful images, but epoxy floors can come in a stunning variety of shades, colors and effects. Beyond simple aesthetics, coloured epoxy can also be used to create floor color coding systems to direct traffic flow, designate work zones, and clearly communicate safety information.

An array of color options (including metallic and pattern effects) can also be used to create a unique environment that enhances your company’s brand. You could even apply an epoxy with a metallic sheen that resembles a shimmering ocean or desert landscape to make a bold statement. Different colors may be applied in stages, creating dazzlingly colourful patterns that light up your facility. Also, cheaper epoxies have as little as 30% to 40% solids by volume, meaning that once the product dries you are left with 40 percent or less thickness. Professional products are typically 90% to 100% solids by volume, leaving you with a better final product, and more of it.

Epoxy coatings have its benefits. For instance the hard and the tough base is created, but to be specific, it is not that it is indestructible. The main advantage of an epoxy covering is that it is a long term investment and one need not repair the flooring from time to time. Also, an epoxy floor coating creates a moisture-impervious, low-friction surface that can make clean up and maintenance a breeze. Sweeping and mopping are greatly simplified, especially as the floor ceases to shed. Oils and contaminants stay on the surface of the epoxy where they can be cleaned up without leaving permanent stains deep within the floor itself.


So this was all about the epoxy paints and the epoxy coatings. Hope you have liked the article. If you have any queries related to any topic feel free to contact us. Our team is a professional team and we will be glad to help you in the best possible manner. Do let us know any doubts or queries of yours on our website.


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