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Tips for painting your home in most economical and efficient manner:

Tips for painting your home in most economical and efficient manner:

Tips for painting your home in most economical and efficient manner:


Tips for painting your home in most economical and efficient manner:

When you decide to paint your home two things may always strike your mind before painting your home. One would be cost that you have to incur to get the paint job done and other would be the thought that you get it done in the most efficient manner as no one paints his home in short spans. It is a long term investment and so must be done with best efforts.

So here we will be discussing some tips that will help you do your paint job with ease and also economically.

TIP1: When you decide to get your home painted do visit a lot of professional companies that deal in these things and then get a rate estimate about the paint job. Then select the best company or the best proposal out of those. Do not be in a hurry to select the company through which you will be getting your work done with.

TIP 2: Ask the companies about how much paint will be required to paint your home. Calculate an estimate about the price of the product and see if you yourself can do the work. It is mostly difficult to get it done yourself though because of various complications that may arise and therefore it is advisable to hire a professional company for that matter.

TIP 3: when you have decided the colour and you want to buy the paint. Do not ever buy it in abundance. Buy a small sample of the paint and also buy 1-2 close options of the paint. It may be one tone darker and one tone lighter. Try it out on a piece of wall and then finally select the colour that you wish to paint your home with.

TIP 4: this tip may prove out to expensive in the short run but you will realise it later or sooner that it was the best decision you made. So basically, we recommend you to use best quality products. Yes we agree that they are expensive to buy but painting your home is a long term investment. And if you will use low quality products it may happen that you will require to re paint your home in nowhere around 1-2 years and therefore it will be a financial burden all over again.

TIP 5: Do make use of rollers for smooth painting. Only usage of paint brushes will leave stroke of paint over the walls and thus making it look bad. Therefore it is advisable to use paint rollers or spray painting and usage of the brush should be made only when required, for instance in case of edges or corners or small places where the rollers cannot reach.

Tip 6: Cover your wall with paint for at-least 2 times. This will ensure smooth base and perfect colour over the wall. However, if the surface was previously painted and that old paint is still sound, a single coat of a quality paint will probably suffice. Your local independent paint retailer can advise you as to whether two coats will be necessary for your particular situation.

Tip 7: During interior painting, remember to paint the ceiling first, then the walls. This reduces the chance of marring a freshly painted surface. When painting ceilings, a little less paint should be carried on the brush or roller, to reduce spattering.

Tip 8: When stored properly, a can of paint lasts three to five years. Store paint between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid placing cans on concrete floors, where they rust more quickly. Write on the can or affix a piece of tape to indicate the color of the paint, date of purchase, and how much paint remains in the can.

Tip 9: most of the paint job failures or the failures that occur post the paint job occur because of the poor preparation of the surface. So make sure that you make up the surface very nicely and there is no sign of dust that you leave when you start up with the painting job as it will form bubbles over the walls. Make sure that the putty over the walls has been done well and that sanding of the walls is also done well because the level of the wall should be very well prepared.

Tip 10: When hiring professional painters, look for their licensed pros who have liability insurance and guarantee their work. Ask the professional companies about their prior works and ask them to show some pictures of their work and select them only once you are actually very well convinced with them. Drive by homes they painted two or three years ago so you can see how the paint job has weathered. Look for drips, overspray on the roof and windows, and rough surfaces that reveal inadequate scraping and prep work.


So these were a few tips that one needs to follow when it comes to home painting and these tips will absolutely ensure a very well done paint job in your home and you will remember us for that.


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