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How can I select paints for my new home? Which is the best paint company with low costs and good quality?

How can I select paints for my new home? Which is the best paint company with low costs and good quality?


If you are deciding to get the interior of your home painted you have to first think about the look that you want for your house. Whether you want a glossy paint over your walls or you want a matte look for your house or if you want a combination or you can say the mixture of both.

So basically there are a ’n’ numbers of interior paint from which you can select the idle paint for your home. and they are categorized as follows:

Matte paint or matte enamel: This gives a very simple and sophisticated look. It is common kind of interior paint that is applied over the walls as it gives a very natural and a simple look that most of the people want for their homes. This gives a very formal look to your home.The advantage of matte enamel over matte paint is that it is more durable than the matte paint.

Satin or semi gloss paint: Satin or semi gloss paint is a paint that is somewhere in between matte and loss paint. It neither gives a matte finish that indicates sophisticated look nor gives a very glossy look. It gives a soft sheen that makes the wall with a matte finish glow. It can be one of the most idle choices for you to select the best interior paint.

Gloss paint: The glossiest of all. It is the kind of paint that gives a nice glow over the wall. It is not that sparkle kind of the glow but the glow that comes when the paint is wet. It is suited for people who have a charming personality as it suits their personality.

If you want to have a idle paint for your home in its look and as well as in its budget then you may go for Satin or Semi- Gloss paint as it is not as matte as matte paint and also not as shiny as glossy paint so it gives you good looks in budget.

When it comes to selection of company for paint you have various options in which you can be in a dilemma so as what to choose. But the paint companies like Nerolac, Asian paints and Berger paints can be opted out of which the best value for your money will be received in Asian paints as the paint speaks of its quality.

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