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What are some creative ideas to paint/decorate walls?

What are some creative ideas to paint/decorate walls?


Giving your walls a makeover is just a brilliant idea.

Here are a few steps to decorate your walls in a right way which would grant a new look to your home.

HOW ABOUT PAINT: Painting your home will add enchantment to your home. Paint will make your home a happening one. Remember that the colour that you select for your home should match your personality. For instance, if you are a very jolly person then what about bright yellow and green. This is a change that will give your home an entire new look.

A FOCAL DECORATIVE WALL: What about painting a wall with just a different colour and hanging some piece of art and giving it a spot light? Or trying out some other master wall ideas like a texture paint or a wallpaper or some stencil will also be a prestigious idea to revamp a simple wall to a master wall.

A BIG CLOCK- A good idea! A big clock on any wall can increase its looks and its value as well! Apart from telling you the time it also renders decoration to your home.

LAMPS AND LIGHTS- Decorative lamps and lights adds light and flare to your style. LED lights surrounding your LCD or any other piece of painting on the wall gives a classy look. If you choose to put multiple lights in one room try with various sizes and styles.

Boldness and the 3D look that you can grant to your walls: If you are planning to renovate the interior walls of your house in a way that creativity at its best can be seen in your house you can go for this idea. This not only covers the walls of your house but at the same time it enhances the looks of your house in such a way that creativeness can be clearly seen and appreciated at the same time.

Modern look: If you believe in a modern lifestyle and want to decorate your home in a modern style you can go for this kind of a texture over the walls of your house. A style that never fades. This will make your home a modern house and the looks of your will be appreciated too.

Go traditional: Old is gold. And that is what you want to show in the interior of house? If your answer is yes then you can follow such a kind of a texture on the walls of your home. This way you can give your interior home a traditional look. This style is eternal and yes! Trust me you will be never bored out of it because new styles may come and go but traditional stays forever and same would apply to the looks of your home.

Be creative.

Decorate your home.

Make it happening :)

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