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This is a situation in which the impression of the paint film over the objects is left on the object that is placed over it.


Why does it happen?

Poor scrub resistance may happen due to following reasons:

  • Object placed over newly painted surface.
  • Use of poor quality paint or semi-gloss paint that is resistant to such problems related to painting.
  • Painting in warm or highly humid areas may also lead to such a problem.

How can this problem be solved?

  • In order to overcome this problem you can repaint the surface, by first scrubbing the surface, then priming it and then applying paint over it.

You can also take following steps so that such a problem never arises because “prevention is better than cure”:

  • Use of high quality acrylic paint that will keep the surface free from poor scrub resistance.
  • Let the objects be fully dried up before you put them back to use
  • Paint in nice climate. Neither too hot and humid nor in extreme cold and dry season. You have to look for a moderate climate before you start off with your painting job.

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