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How can I make my guest room appealing?

How can I make my guest room appealing?


Guest room should be as comfortable and cozy as your own room, always remember they are going to take back the memories with them so make the room in such a manner that you yourself are going to stay there. The Hindi saying “atithi devo bhava” which means that guests are equivalent to the almighty should always be kept in mind. Also, the manner the room was decorated will leave an impression of your identity upon them. You need to keep in mind the taste of your guests. Do not go for mainstream ideas and yes! Let your guest room be very spacious so that more and more of guests could fit in the room and your personal space during guests’ visits is not intruded.


The below mentioned tips can help you design a quality guest room:

Let it be cosy and comfortable: If you grant a homely and a snug environment to the guest room it will look more lively and any of your guest would like to stay in your home rather than spending thousands of bucks in some hotel. Make sure that the mattress you use for the guest room bed is as comfortable as your bedroom’s mattress.


Spacious: Who wants their personal space to be intruded during guests visit? You need to make sure that the guest room is spacious enough to accommodate more and more of people at a time and you need to plan regarding the beds accordingly. You can go for loft bed in your guest room.


LocationYou need to plan for the guest room a bit apart from your own room. There should be some distance between the two as it would ensure personal space to you as well as to the guests.


Attached washroom: This is one of the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind. The guest room should have an attached washroom.



Now coming on the decoration part of the guest room, you need to keep following things in mind:

A clock is a must: Although in todays’ scenario everyone is having their smartphones with them, but a clock is a must in the guest room.


Light furniture and fixtures: You must avoid carved furniture etc. for your guest room. Avoid being too traditional or being extra modern while deciding furniture for your guest room. We suggest you to be neutral. You never know about the taste of your guests. A sofa-cum-bed can be a nice idea for the guest room.


Paint it light: You can go for different colours and textures in your room as only you have to live there and you know your taste and preference but you cannot do the same with the guest room as the guest room is not for a single guest, different people have different taste and preference so you need to keep the guest room light and neutral.


Nice curtains: Curtains adds on to the looks of any room so you can try light coloured curtains for the guest room. Keep it simple and attractive.


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