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How can you store your Kitchen stuff easily?

How can you store your Kitchen stuff easily?


Kitchen is the cardinal part of your house. Its not only the place where food is cooked, but along with food, dreams and love is also cooked that adds taste to your life. So you need to plan out the crucial part of your house in a systematic way and such that the available space is used in an effective manner. Kitchen is a place where variety of things need to be placed in a proper order. For instance, utensils, crockery, pulses, spices, fridge, microwave-oven, stove etc and make your kitchen a happening one!!


Give your kitchen a modular look: Yes! This makes your kitchen look bigger and you have a proper space for each and everything.


Place your microwave oven such that it does not occupies space. You can fix it in some furniture and fittings so as to utilise the provided space in the best way.



You can place your gas cylinder beneath the slab where two adjacent walls meet and a corner is formed. You can use this space to keep big sized utensils and gas cylinders.



 Always plan to have two sinks in your kitchen. It leads to cleaner kitchens and you can then wash your dishes with ease.



The corner where you have placed your sink can be used to place a dustbin under that and then be covered with a door.



Make sure that you use airtight containers to preserve the spices and other stuff like pulses, sugar, biscuits, etc.




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